Roof inspection Maryville Il

The following information is designed to assist owners in establishing a regular and beneficial roof inspection and maintenance program. This important area of responsibility for the building owner can provide many long-term benefits, including extended life expectancy of the roofing system, reduced average in-place cost, prevention of major deterioration resulting from minor problems and eventually, reduced roof system replacement cost.
Roof Maintenance Guidelines
All roofs require regular inspections and periodic maintenance to achieve their expected life. Roofs should be inspected at l
east twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Additionally, all roofs should be inspected after any severe weather or storms. The roofing contractor who installed
the roof membrane, inconjunction with the building owner’s maintenance personnel, should perform these inspections. Leaks occur most often at flashings, pitch pans, gravel stops, and other penetrations. Pay special attention to these areas.
Included among the roof components that are not part of the roof membrane and hence not covered by the applicable CertainTeed limited warranty are the
following: underlying roof deck, insulation, vapor retarders, fasteners, metal work, drains, pitch pans, expansion joints, skylights, vents, plastic accessories,
decorative or reflective coating, surfacing and/or any ballast, rock, or gravel. Roof components are the owner’s responsibility to maintain.
– One of the keys to avoiding roof damage is limiting access to the roof. Allow only authorized personnel on the roof who understand good roof
access procedures and precautions. Bag and remove all debris from the roof. Keep grease and oil off of the roof. Clean and remove any liquid deposits
immediately. Do not allow foot traffic on the roof in very hot or very cold weather. Do not allow the installation of television or radio antennas, satellite
dishes or other mechanical equipment without notifying CertainTeed for approval and for consultation about the methods and details for these installations.

Traditional vs seamless gutters & gutter guards In Madison & St. Clair County

Traditional vs seamless gutters & gutter guards


Seamless and traditional gutters are made with the same materials: vinyl, steel,copper and aluminum. I have found that aluminum is the most common in this area.


When installing seamless gutters, a contractor calculates the length then runs the gutter length needed. Installation of traditional gutters come in prefabricated length of 10-22 feet sections.


With no seams on seamless gutters this is less opportunity for gutters to leak. Seamless gutters also come in many colors including (but not limited to) blue, green and red.

Will seamless gutters leak?

Seamless gutters can leak at corners and downspouts. This is an easy fix with caulk.


Traditional gutters may weaken from the weight of snow and rain, sprouting leaks in the joints, causing water damage to the home. Seamless gutters require installation by a contractor which may be a hire cost usually about $5 per foot for one story home.
Gutter guards

Gutter guards range from low end screens and plastic to high end metal and helmets. For most individuals I usually suggest a mid-range option that is metal, screws into the gutter and provides ample protection to gutters. The gutter guard I usually suggest is below. This is a protected metal and won’t leave rust marks on the gutter.



This cover works with all gutter systems, and installs between shingles, fastening into the top front of the gutter with stainless zip screws provided. It features 6 rows of our patented reverse-louvers, and bends to conform to the pitch of the roof and the fall of the gutter. Water drops into the gutter and debris slides over the front of the gutter.


E-Z to Install: Screws to the front of the gutter — a more permanent method.

Like all gutter protection products, depending on your debris type and load, E-Z-Slide™ will require maintenance from time to time, by brushing off the top of the panels.

Size: E-Z-Slide comes in 4 foot lengths and 5″ or 6″ widths.

Colors: Available in white, black, clay and royal brown.


         Medium Debris Load

         A Perforated Cover that “Slides” Between the Starter and 1st Row of Shingles

         Perforated Painted .019″ Aluminum with 6 Patented Reverse Louvers

                  Works Well with Spikes and Ferrules