CertainTeed vs Owens-Corning Shingles 2017

After being in the business for years I have decided to tackle the elephant in the room.  Which shingle is better?  Below I have compared side by side these two roofing lines.  As with many thing in life that you buy there are several “options” that increase in cost and durability, features and increased aesthetics.  Please feel free to call or respond anytime!

Owens Corning Certainteed-Landmark My Professional Opinion
Cost: Owens-Corning offers a competitive  range of asphalt shingles from economy 3-tab standard products to high-end architectural products.  Architectural laminated asphalt products are less expensive than tile, slate, or high-end metal roofing products. A heavier construction than most, top line Landmark products are more expensive than average asphalt shingles but remain less expensive than cedar shakes, metal, tile, or slate roofing. There are several lines that are comparable but for an economical line I would choose the landmark by certain-teed.
Installation Asphalt shingles may be installed on any clean roof surface using standard installation procedures, equipment and fasteners. Landmark shingles can be installed on any clean, solid roof decking. Installation over a single layer of old roofing must include removal of buckled, uneven material. Special designs must be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions.


Installation are equal on this one!
Durability Life expectancy of Owens-Corning shingles is from 20 years to a lifetime, depending upon the specific product chosen. Heavier  top-line  products feature  Trubond® sealants and SureNail® technology to assure superior wind performance. Superior wind and algae resistance ensure better durability in extreme weather conditions. As a heavier, thicker shingle with built-in algae resistance, Class A fire rating, and high wind resistance, Landmark shingles offer higher durability than average asphalt products. We have seen more “blow offs” and defective shingles with Owens Corning.
Aesthetics: Owens-Corning offers an extensive line of styles, colors, shading  and  varied options for appearance providing many  choices for the discriminating buyer.  From economy 3-tab to shingles to  estate-quality architectural glamor, a roofing solution with high curb appeal  is available for residential, estate  or  heritage applications. The unique two-tab random cut design of Landmark shingles offers a beautiful emulation of cedar shakes and shingles. A wide selection of colors assures high curb appeal for any roof. Certain-teed offers a ton of options from the basic version that you see every day to some max-def options that will make your roof pop!
Warranties are transferable one-time .  Limited 20- year to Lifetime warranties  vary  with the product purchased . Installation by approved contractors may increase warranty periods.  The customer should carefully note all  warranty details for the specific product chosen. Landmark shingles are covered by CertainTeed’s 10-year right start coverage and warranty of 30 to 50 years, depending upon the product chosen. The top TL series carries a limited warranty for the lifetime of the owner. Coverage for algae and wind damage varies with the product. The customer should note and understand conditions for the product chosen. Landmark wins hands down


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