How to Choose a Roofing Contractor


Spring is in the air. Often when the weather warms we tackle home projects. Often it may be a job too large to handle ourselves or call for a professional in that particular trade. Here are some ideas to help choose the right contractor.


Where to find contractor:

o   Call your local city hall and ask for reputable contractor names.

o   Ask a reputable company for a suggestion (perhaps your plumber knows a great roofer).

o   The phone book offers several options.

o   Web search are great for finding local companies that often showcase photos of their wok online.


After selecting contractors to provide proposals it is important to interview your contractor to see if they are a right fit for your family. Your contractor will be in your home around your family a certain level of trust is a necessity.


How to “background check” of your contractor:


o   If it is an Illinois Licensed Professional a license can be looked up to be sure it is valid and does not have any actions against them.



o   Do a background check on your contractor. If you find several lawsuits this can be a red flag. It is quick, easy, and free.



o   The Better Business Bureau is also a great place to look up your contractor.



o   Ask the contractor for referrals and address of properties they have worked on. Be diligent and call the referrals to be sure they were satisfied.


Finally once you have interviewed and chosen your contractor be sure to thoroughly read the proposal to check for any errors.