10 Tiny Steps to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving Guests 2016

10 Tiny Steps to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving Guests 2016

Thanksgiving Tips from The Kitchn

Hosting Thanksgiving is a big deal. With everything you’ve got going on in the kitchen, who has time to deep-clean the house? We’re here to say you shouldn’t stress about washing your windows or mopping the floors. Instead, just do these 10 little things to ensure your guests feel relaxed and comfortable in your home.

Consider this your last-minute, low-pressure checklist to making things comfortable for your guests. If you don’t get to it all — no big deal! But if you have an hour or so to tidy (or someone else to do it for you — thanks Mom!) then these are the spots we’d hit first.

10 Tiny Steps to Get Your House Ready for Guests

  1. Clean the bathroom. If you only have time to clean one room in your house other than the kitchen, make it the bathroom. Most guests can handle a little dust on the coffee table or lint on the carpet, but a dirty bathroom is most unpleasant. Scrub and and wipe down the toilet and sink, wipe the mirror, re-stock the toilet paper, empty the trash can, put out a fresh hand towel, and then light a candle right before everyone arrives.
  2. Vacuum. Quickly run the vacuum in the rooms where your guests will be: entryway, bathroom, dining room, living room, maybe a guest room.
  3. Wipe the kitchen countertops. You’ve worked hard over the last few hours, and your kitchen shows it — but it’ll show it less if you wipe off your counters!
  4. Sweep the kitchen floor. The same goes for the kitchen floor. Sweep away the crumbs and quickly wipe up any drips or splatters you see.
  5. Empty the kitchen sink; load and start the dishwasher. Let the first of (likely) many dishwasher cycles run while your guests are arriving. If you have time, unload it before everyone sits down to dinner. If you don’t have time, no worries. At least you’ll have a clean sink and no dishes stacked on the counter.
  1. Straighten and dust. Again, focus on where your guests will be. Remove clutter and then dust the major surfaces. I usually focus on my coffee and side tables, electronics, and low shelves.
  2. Fluff the living room pillows. So you took a power nap while the pies were in the oven? Fluff and floof those pillows, my friend, and your guests will never know.
  3. Adjust the lighting. Turn off overhead lights and turn on lamps. Light some candles. This draws the eye away from any areas that weren’t deep-cleaned, and just makes everyone feel cozy.
  4. Clear a place for coats and bags. If you have a coat rack in your entryway, empty it to make room for your guests’ belongings. Or, make up the bed in your bedroom or a guest bedroom for everyone to drop their coat and bag.
  5. Put on some music. You’ve done the minimum amount required to get your place looking good, and that’s totally fine! Now, put on a little music and you’re done.

What easy steps do you take to get your house ready for Thanksgiving?

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3 home remodeling projects for winter 2015-2016

3 home remodeling projects for winter 2015-2016

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Summer is generally the most popular season for home remodeling work, so planning your next project during the winter can have certain advantages.

Home remodeling contractors are less busy during the winter months and may be more inclined to quote a job at a lower rate. Additionally, there will be more contractors to choose from, and your project could be completed at a faster pace.

If you want to complete some remodeling work on your home this winter, consider the following projects:

1. Install hardwood flooring

Winter provides the ideal setting for installing new hardwood flooring. The dry winter air helps to prevent gapping in the newly laid boards, while decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage.

The winter air also ensures a quicker drying time for any adhesive involved. Additionally, new wood flooring tends to insulate better than old, worn flooring.

2. Insulation and weatherization

Winter tends to be the time of year when most homeowners think about adding additional insulation. Before committing to the project, you should have your home thoroughly evaluated to determine the areas where energy is lost, the amount of insulation needed and a cost estimate.

You could find that you need to add new insulation throughout your home and attic or you may just need to install energy efficient windows and doors. You should be able to recoup some of the costs because an insulated home can mean lowered utility bills.

3. Basement remodel

Remodeling a basement during the winter months has several benefits. Since the basement is underground, all work will be completed indoors meaning you won’t have to open up any areas of the home to the elements like if you were having a new roof installed.

In addition to the lower rates and greater availability of home remodeling contractors, winter air is less humid so the chance of mold forming on exposed surfaces is much lower.

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