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The following information is designed to assist owners in establishing a regular and beneficial roof inspection and maintenance program. This important area of responsibility for the building owner can provide many long-term benefits, including extended life expectancy of the roofing system, reduced average in-place cost, prevention of major deterioration resulting from minor problems and eventually, reduced roof system replacement cost.
Roof Maintenance Guidelines
All roofs require regular inspections and periodic maintenance to achieve their expected life. Roofs should be inspected at least twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Additionally, all roofs should be inspected after any severe weather or storms. The roofing contractor who installed
the roof membrane, inconjunction with the building owner’s maintenance personnel, should perform these inspections. Leaks occur most often at flashings, pitch pans, gravel stops, and other penetrations. Pay special attention to these areas.
Included among the roof components that are not part of the roof membrane and hence not covered by the applicable CertainTeed limited warranty are the
following: underlying roof deck, insulation, vapor retarders, fasteners, metal work, drains, pitch pans, expansion joints, skylights, vents, plastic accessories,
decorative or reflective coating, surfacing and/or any ballast, rock, or gravel. Roof components are the owner’s responsibility to maintain.
– One of the keys to avoiding roof damage is limiting access to the roof. Allow only authorized personnel on the roof who understand good roof
access procedures and precautions. Bag and remove all debris from the roof. Keep grease and oil off of the roof. Clean and remove any liquid deposits
immediately. Do not allow foot traffic on the roof in very hot or very cold weather. Do not allow the installation of television or radio antennas, satellite
dishes or other mechanical equipment without notifying CertainTeed for approval and for consultation about the methods and details for these installations.

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New Roof & Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026


Looking for Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026? Which company should you contact to have the best roofing job done on your home or business? The truth is that most roofing companies in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026 are high quality and offer extremely professional service, but there are a few simple tips you can keep in mind when choosing a roofer to help you find the right one for the right price.

The first thing you should look for when exploring Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026 is experience and expertise. The roofing company or contractor you work with should be an expert in their field and work with the latest and most advanced roofing techniques to get the job done right. One of the best ways to investigate a roofing company is to try and find their website online. You can also search for their company name to see if other customers have left them reviews on some of the internet’s popular review websites such as angislist and the BBB. Also check the status of the company on

Price is always something to consider when working with Roof Repair in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026. Roofing jobs are very complicated and often require many working hours and lots of specialized materials. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot to fix your roof or get a completely new roof installed. The best way to get the most competitive prices is to shop around. Be sure you compare materials to be sure that quality materials are going to be used. Watch out for companies offering “specials”. This is often just a numbers game they are using to get a quick sale.

Ryterski Inc. Roof Repair in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026 don’t just install roofs on new homes but also rebuild roofs. They can also help repair damages to any kind of roofing and add to how great your home or business looks.

Roofing companies often work on smaller projects like adding new shingles to a roof in order to make it look nicer. They can also help upgrade your roof to newer materials that stand up better against the elements over the years. Ryterski Roof Repair in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026 can also help out with rain gutter problems. They often have excellent solutions to help make sure your roof stays dry. In our area, it’s important to work with professionals Roof Repair to ensure that excess water doesn’t pool in weak spots on the roof that can lead to serious problems down to road.

Ryterski Roof Repair in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026are professionals who can help you with just about any roofing need you may have. Working with Ryterski Roof Repair is an easy process and in most cases you can have your roof completely repaired in just a few days!

Ryterski Roof Repair Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026. Roofing Company in Roof Repair Edwardsville Il , 62025, 62026 Free Roofing Estimates in 62025, and 62026

Tiger Paw, Cougar Paw and Pictometry…Oh My!

Advance your roofing company with today’s new tools!!!!

It is not your pa’s old roofing company anymore.  If you are looking to get cutting edge results for your roofing company you need to step into the new advantages that come with today’s advances in technology.

Cougar Paw


Rewind back to the classic look with all of the latest upgrades. This boot is the ultimate in rugged stability featuring a breathable lining and vented exterior.  The upper is a full grain leather with a protective finish for easy cleaning.  This high quality leather weathers to a soft natural finish. See size note US Patent No 5,727,334 


Pictometry’s education partnership program provides hands-on learning experiences using the innovative imagery and analytical tools that transformed the mapping profession.

As a recognized thought-leader in the industry, we believe in the power of visual information and in the importance of partnering with educators to provide the latest technologies to today’s students, the mapping and imagery professionals of tomorrow.

GAF vs Certainteed

New Roof at 15 Legacy Drive, Granite City IL


Ryterski Remodeling is proud to be installing a new roof system on this beautiful 12/12 roof on Legacy Golf Course.  The Owens Corning vs Certain-teed battle ended with Owens Corning Duration the winner.  Tiger Paw roof felt is being applied and has a host of benefits.  (See below for additional details).

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Tiger Paw Roof Deck Protection (also called roofing felt or underlayment)

Help Protect Your Home From Damaging
Moisture With Superior Roof Deck Protection

Superior Quality Roof Deck Protection Can Protect And Beautify At The Same Time!

Superior-quality roof deck protection should protect your home by providing a critical extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck. It helps prevent wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure, or to the inside of your home. In addition, superior-quality roof deck protection will:

  • Help reduce damaging moisture that can become trapped on your roof deck
  • Provide longer-lasting leak protection than conventional “felts”
    (which can rot or become brittle before your shingles reach their useful life)
  • Help your shingles lay flat and uniform, for a better-looking finished roof