New Roof or roof repair Granite City IL

New Roof in Granite City IL


Ryterski Remodeling is proud to be installing a new roof system on this beautiful 12/12 roof on Legacy Golf Course.  The Owens Corning vs Certain-teed battle ended with Owens Corning Duration the winner.  Tiger Paw roof felt is being applied and has a host of benefits.  (See below for additional details).

Please contact me any time for a New Roof or roof repair Granite City IL!

Sarah Ryterski (618)558-2675




New Roof or roof repair Granite City IL


Tiger Paw Roof Deck Protection (also called roofing felt or underlayment)

Help Protect Your Home From Damaging
Moisture With Superior Roof Deck Protection

Superior Quality Roof Deck Protection Can Protect And Beautify At The Same Time!

Superior-quality roof deck protection should protect your home by providing a critical extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck. It helps prevent wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure, or to the inside of your home. In addition, superior-quality roof deck protection will:

  • Help reduce damaging moisture that can become trapped on your roof deck
  • Provide longer-lasting leak protection than conventional “felts”
    (which can rot or become brittle before your shingles reach their useful life)
  • Help your shingles lay flat and uniform, for a better-looking finished roof

Home remodeling projects for winter

3 home remodeling projects for winter

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Summer is generally the most popular season for home remodeling work, so planning your next project during the winter can have certain advantages.

Home remodeling contractors are less busy during the winter months and may be more inclined to quote a job at a lower rate. Additionally, there will be more contractors to choose from, and your project could be completed at a faster pace.

If you want to complete some remodeling work on your home this winter, consider the following projects:

1. Install hardwood flooring

Winter provides the ideal setting for installing new hardwood flooring. The dry winter air helps to prevent gapping in the newly laid boards, while decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage.

The winter air also ensures a quicker drying time for any adhesive involved. Additionally, new wood flooring tends to insulate better than old, worn flooring.

2. Insulation and weatherization

Winter tends to be the time of year when most homeowners think about adding additional insulation. Before committing to the project, you should have your home thoroughly evaluated to determine the areas where energy is lost, the amount of insulation needed and a cost estimate.

You could find that you need to add new insulation throughout your home and attic or you may just need to install energy efficient windows and doors. You should be able to recoup some of the costs because an insulated home can mean lowered utility bills.

3. Basement remodel

Remodeling a basement during the winter months has several benefits. Since the basement is underground, all work will be completed indoors meaning you won’t have to open up any areas of the home to the elements like if you were having a new roof installed.

In addition to the lower rates and greater availability of home remodeling contractors, winter air is less humid so the chance of mold forming on exposed surfaces is much lower.

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Home remodel in Edwardsville IL winter 2014-2015

winter remodeling via Brad Scott ConstructionDoing any type of work to your house is a very exciting adventure.  Everyone loves to spruce up their home, but a lot of people worry about the expense and the amount of time it takes to accomplish these projects.  One of the best-kept remodeling secrets is to do winter remodeling, work during the winter time!

Having your home remodeled during the winter may seem a little unorthodox, and that’s because it is.  The usual time to have your home remodeled is the summer or spring. The reason most likely being that people feel like they have to stay cooped up in the cold weather. However, the advantages to remodeling your home during the winter may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Spring and summer are the rush hour traffic of home remodeling.  It’s impossible to speed up the time it takes to get to the end result because there are so many people trying to do the same thing.  Well you can beat the rush by doing your remodeling in the winter.  It’s just like leaving work an hour early.  You get to where you’re going a lot faster even though you’re taking the exact same route you would take any day.

Because there aren’t a lot of people remodeling during the winter, it’s the slow season for contractors.  When the amount of people wanting to remodel decreases, so may the price. You can really benefit by remodeling in the slow season because your ability to negotiate with contractors increases and they are sometimes ultimately willing to work for less money. Additionally, when contractors have less to do, they have more time to work on your project, so your remodeling may get done quicker as well.

winter remodeling post and beam via Brad Scott ConstructionYou may be concerned about remodeling in the winter with the amount of fumes and dust that are dispersed during remodeling projects.  The products and technology used to contain and clean up after doing messy work can get rid of these annoying particles without having to open  windows. With this technology, there’s no need to worry about having to inhale anything you don’t want.

Consider this too … during the summer, people are more likely to stay near home because it’s always nice and schedules are often filled with local activities, but during the winter people often want to escape to warmer climates.  If you’re going to be gone for any duration of the winter, it would be a great time to have some major work done on your house.  You won’t have to deal with the noise or hassle of living in a home that’s getting torn apart.  Or, if you’re a snowbird, you could possibly leave your house for a mountain winter retreat, and by the time spring arrives you could return home to a beautiful new addition or other major repair.

Don’t wait for a contractor’s busiest season to do projects on your home.  Get your contractor working during the off-season.  You may be able to save money and get the project done quicker than you would during the “regular remodel season.”  Plus, think of this … your contractor may thank you for keeping them working in their down season.

Can I paint vinyl siding?

 YES! Finally Vinyl Siding Paint, and yes it works!
This is a great way to change the exterior of your home without the expense of new siding.

Until now, there were limitations to painting vinyl siding. Using a dark color on top of lighter siding would cause the siding to buckle. Your only option was to choose the same color or lighter. No longer.

Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe™ Color Technology provides a wide color selection and excellent performance on vinyl without buckling — even when using a dark color.

Choose from 100 popular color options in our new VinylSafe™ palette, or have our Sher-Color™ computer matching technology create the custom match you’ve been looking for.

VinylSafe™ Color Technology is available in Duration® Exterior Latex Coating, Resilience® Exterior Latex and SuperPaint® Exterior Latex Paint. Each promises a quality finish that resists blistering and peeling.

Milky Way
SWVS 301

SWVS 302

Vintage Lace
SWVS 303

SWVS 304

SWVS 307

Distant Taupe
SWVS 308

Bleached Clay
SWVS 309

SWVS 313

Caramel Apple
SWVS 314

Cake Mix
SWVS 315

SWVS 316

SWVS 317

SWVS 318

SWVS 321

Double Dutch
SWVS 322

SWVS 323

Big Bear
SWVS 324

Mushroom Cap
SWVS 325

Red Night
SWVS 326

Crazed Beige
SWVS 327

SWVS 328

Mud Slide
SWVS 329

Autumn Leaf
SWVS 330

SWVS 332

SWVS 333

SWVS 335

Smooth Bark
SWVS 336

Rolling Stone
SWVS 337

Gray Squirell
SWVS 338

SWVS 339

Bread Pudding
SWVS 341

Fishing Lodge
SWVS 342

SWVS 344

Warm Tone
SWVS 345

Touch of Cream
SWVS 346

SWVS 347

SWVS 349

Travel Gear
SWVS 350

SWVS 351

SWVS 352

Cotton Sheets
SWVS 353

SWVS 355

Pine Nuts
SWVS 356

Case in Point
SWVS 357

Live Rock
SWVS 358

Gray Fleece
SWVS 374

Soft Meadow
SWVS 360

SWVS 361

Ground Hog
SWVS 362

SWVS 364

Wool Sweater
SWVS 365

SWVS 366

Tow Path
SWVS 367

SWVS 368

Shaded Gray
SWVS 369

SWVS 370

SWVS 371

SWVS 373

SWVS 375

SWVS 376

SWVS 378

Down Load
SWVS 379

SWVS 380

Trail Mix
SWVS 381

Savvy Tan
SWVS 382

Foot Print
SWVS 383

Smoke Screen
SWVS 385

Tea Stain
SWVS 387

Box of Nails
SWVS 390

Sea Frost
SWVS 391

Nikko Blue
SWVS 393

Green Porcelain
SWVS 396

Back Yard
SWVS 397

Tear Drop
SWVS 399

SWVS 400

Tee Off
SWVS 402

Steam Ship
SWVS 404

Stock Pot
SWVS 405

Clean Line
SWVS 406

SWVS 407

Moon Walk
SWVS 409

SWVS 410

Ornamental Grass
SWVS 411

Heaven Sake
SWVS 414

SWVS 415

SWVS 416

Teal Tafetta
SWVS 417

Stone Cold
SWVS 418

Gray October
SWVS 419

SWVS 421

SWVS 424

SWVS 425

SWVS 426

Prime Time
SWVS 429

SWVS 430

Flat Screen
SWVS 431

Winter Months
SWVS 433

Gray Jacket
SWVS 434

Pepper Shake
SWVS 435

NEW ROOF!!! 1635 Thunderbird Lane Belleville Il, 62221








Illinois State Lic. # 104-015-266



Dear Neighbor,


We are currently completing a roof in your neighborhood at 1653 Thunderbird Lane. Please come by and check out our work. We would love to provide you an estimate on your new roof. We also install seamless gutters, gutter guards, siding, and decks. We also provide remodeling and additions. The new roof completed at 1635 Thunderbird Lane Includes:


  • Ridge-vent system to assist in continuous air flow in the roof to extend the life of the roof
  • Certainteed shingles that have an outstanding warrantee
  • New Flashing
  • Winter-guard installed for ultimate protection from snow build up
  • Lead Pipe boots that will last the life of the roof (no need for repairs here)


I thank you for your time on this matter. Above is photography of the work being completed on 1635 Thunderbird Lane. Please feel free to contact me anytime. My direct line is (618) 558-2675. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.



Sarah M. Ryterski

Ryterski Remodeling Inc.

OFFICE: 618-558-2675


FAX: 618 452-4049


Drone now part of local roofing company.

Press Release


Drone now part of local roofing company.


Ryterski Remodeling Inc. has now introduced drones for inspections.


Granite City, October 22, 2014- Ryterski Roofing and Remodeling are now using a flying drone as part of the inspection process. Inspectors can remain safe on the ground while the flying drone is capturing images. Siding, roofing and gutters can all be inspected from the high-powered camera. The inspector and the homeowner can then examine footage from the camera.


This is definitely a step in a high-tech direction. Giving the homeowners a bird’s eye view of their home can help educate them on any issues they may be having.


“Our DJI Phantom v2p is truly a professional tool to analyze roofing, siding or any additional hard to reach places on a house, the biggest benefit is that I can literally show the homeowner what I find” said Sarah Ryterski, Owner of Ryterski Remodeling Inc.

About Ryterski Remodeling Inc.


Ryterski Remodeling Inc. is a family owned business started by Adam and his Wife Sarah Ryterski nearly 13 years ago. They have built the business based on the premise we conduct business the way you expect business should be done: upfront, with honesty, integrity, clarity, courtesy, and consideration. Our clients are treated with the respect that they deserve because without them we have no business or livelihood.


Media Contact:   Sarah Ryterski     618-558-2675

Window Replacement Collinsville IL, 62234

Looking for new windows to be installed?  Here are a few ideas for new windows.

Reflections® 5500

Vinyl Double Hung Replacement WindowDesigned with a fusion-welded frame and sash for maximum strength, the Double Hung offers a multitude of exclusive features that will enhance and protect the beauty of your home, including:

  • Lap-Lok® meeting rail overlaps and interlocks to seal tightly and inhibit air and water infiltration
  • The triple-stepped, sloped Simonton Sill® drives water away from your home
  • Lift rail molded into the sash for greater stability
  • Tilt-in/lift-out sash for easy cleaning
  • Easy-glide sash for smooth operation
  • Equal glass sightlines for enhanced aesthetics

Reflections® 5050

Vinyl Double Hung Replacement WindowFusion-welded framing provides increased strength, while a raised exterior provides an attractive appearance. The Reflections 5050 Double Hung will enhance your home with exclusive features, including:

  • Lap-Lok® meeting rail overlaps and interlocks to seal tightly and inhibit air and water infiltration
  • Lift rail molded into the sash for greater stability
  • Tilt-in/lift-out sash for easy cleaning
  • Easy-glide sash for smooth operation